Overview of updating IXIASOFT CCMS

This document explains how to update your on-premise deployment of IXIASOFT CCMS with the updates and bug fixes provided in a service pack.

Refer to the Release Notes section of the IXIASOFT website to see more information about service packs. The Release Notes state which components have bug fixes. You need to update only the components with the bug fixes you want.

Note: The order presented in this guide for updating IXIASOFT CCMS components is the order recommended by IXIASOFT.


To update CCMS Web, run the Web Installer, which installs all the updates and bug fixes in a service pack. However, you only need to run the Web Installer if you need the updates and fixes for CCMS Web.

Updating IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop

Update the dropins in CCMS Desktop only if you need the bug fixes and updates in a service pack for it.