IXIASOFT CCMS architecture

The IXIASOFT CCMS solution is comprised of client and server components.

Client components

On the client-side, the CCMS solution includes the following components:
  • IXIASOFT CCMS Web: A web client that allows content contributors and reviewers to create, edit, and review content from an Internet browser without having to install the IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop. This incorporates Oxygen XML Web Author.
  • IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop: The Eclipse-based client provides a graphical user interface (GUI) with the full suite of IXIASOFT CCMS functionalities, including authoring, reviewing, localizing, and publishing.

Server components

On the server side, the CCMS solution includes the following components:
  • IXIASOFT TEXTML Server: A native XML database that combines a reliable document repository with powerful search functions for the IXIASOFT CCMS content. It is the main component of the CCMS solution and manages the docbase.
  • docbase: A central location where the workgroup configuration and all the IXIASOFT CCMS documents are stored, including DITA content (maps, topics) and non-DITA content (images, PDF files, videos, etc.).
  • IXIASOFT CCMS Output Generator: A centralized server that executes the transformation process from DITA content to the specified output type (PDF, HTML, XML, CHM, etc.).
  • IXIASOFT CCMS Scheduler: Schedules and executes tasks such as pre-generating output, sending notifications, or creating activity reports. It is like a task scheduler (Windows) or cron daemon (Linux).
  • IXIASOFT CCMS Web Server: Contains the CCMS Application Server and IXIASOFT CCMS Web application which allow users to edit and review content through the CCMS Web client.
  • oXygen Server OEM version plus IXIASOFT plugin: This delivers information back and forth between IXIASOFT CCMS Web and the IXIASOFT CCMS Web Server.
  • Reverse proxy: An Apache or Microsoft IIS reverse proxy provides SSL encryption between the web browsers of end users and the CCMS Web Server.
  • Authentication Server and SMTP Server: These are external services provided by the customer.

Diagram of CCMS components

The following diagram shows the CCMS architecture.

Diagram of CCMS components