Example: Check if topic links to a topic in different map

This example shows how to determine if a topic links to another topic that is in a different map.

  1. For the topic that you want to check, click More Options icon and select Dependencies.

    You can check a topic's dependencies from any of the following places:

    • Favorites side panel
    • Map Editor in Structure view
    • My Assignments
    • Revision History
    • Search
    • Topic Editor
  2. To see the map the current topic is in, click Referenced by.
  3. Click the Maps button.
    This shows all the maps this topic is currently in.
  4. Click References.
  5. Click the Topics button.
  6. Find the topic you want to check, and click Dependencies icon.
  7. Click Referenced by.
  8. Click the Maps button.
This shows all the maps that include the topic that is the target of the link. If none of these maps are the same as the map that includes the first topic, then the two topics are in different maps.