IXIASOFT CCMS is a documentation solution that combines the mechanics of an extensible environment, a powerful Content Management System (CMS), and the elegant modularity of DITA.

The application was developed for the Eclipse IDE and is delivered as a plug-in that connects IXIASOFT's TEXTML Server with users working with DITA XML files. The result is an efficient workspace from which text-based documents such as DITA topics and maps, as well as binary image files, can be authored, managed, tracked, and published.

The union of DITA architecture with a CCMS provides tremendous control and flexibility for managing structured units of information. This evolution for technical documentation lets users:

  • Work modularly
  • Modify and track documents through a well-defined workflow
  • Repurpose content for required markets and audiences
  • Manage the localization process
  • Deliver documentation in a variety of different formats
  • Work in a collaborative environment
  • Improve consistency in content structures
  • Re-use content in multiple deliverables.

IXIASOFT Dynamic Release Management

The IXIASOFT Dynamic Release Management module provides flexible and powerful release management features to support organizations that manage a large number of products.

This document describes the IXIASOFT Dynamic Release Management module and provides the procedures for managing your documentation releases.