This document is designed for the system administrators or docbase administrators who manage the IXIASOFT TEXTML Server.

It provides the procedures to upgrade your existing TEXTML Server from version 4.3 to version 4.4.

You can upgrade the TEXTML Server before you upgrade the IXIASOFT CCMS or you can do both upgrades at the same time. There are advantages to both approaches:

  • If you do not plan to upgrade to the latest version of CCMS right away, you can still upgrade the TEXTML Server to benefit from new features, improved performance, and faster indexing. Also, separating the two upgrades will split the total downtime required to reindex the docbase over two periods. The first upgrade will require a full reindexing of the docbase, while the second upgrade requires the creation and indexing of only a few indexes.
  • When you upgrade both products at the same time, you reduce the total downtime time required to reindex the docbase. Upgrading the TEXTML Server requires a complete reindexing of the docbase, while upgrading the docbase to the latest version requires a partial reindexing. If you perform both updates at the same time, the docbase will need to be reindexed only once.