Update Output Generator wrapper.conf file

IXIASOFT CCMS Output Generator may have issues connecting to a Content Store when SSL enabled on IXIASOFT TEXTML Server. To fix this, you must update the configuration of the Java wrapper for CCMS Output Generator.

The Java wrapper allows Java applications to run as independent services (in Windows) or daemons (in Linux). The IXIASOFT CCMS Output Generator's wrapper.conf file is used to identify the CCMS Output Generator's Java libraries, determine whether the service will restart automatically upon reboot or not, and the maximum Java heap size.

Note: For a description of all of the possible settings of wrapper.conf see: https://wrapper.tanukisoftware.com/doc/english/properties.html.

To configure the CCMS Output Generator's Java wrapper:

  1. Open the %OutputGenDir%/conf/wrapper.conf file.
  2. In the wrapper.conf file, uncomment the following lines after line 60 by removing # from the beginning of the lines:

    These lines define the keystore location and keystore password properties.

  3. Change the variable %JAVA_HOME% to the actual path of the Java installation used by CCMS Output Generator.
  4. Save and close wrapper.conf.