How can I prevent a duplicate file reference for a conref in a branched map?

You can prevent the error by using only the Published version of the conref.


When validating links in a branched map or trying to change the status of the map, a Duplicate file reference error appears. A topic in the branched map is using a referable content topic from both the Authoring cycle and the Published cycle. Since all of the other topics in the branched map use the Published version of the conref, when editing a branched topic and adding a conref, you have to use the Published conref. For example, in the following branched topic the correct conref is the one with the ../published path. Duplicate file reference conrefs


  1. In DITA Map view, open the branched map.
  2. In the Search view, search for the conref with the following criteria:
    • Cycle: Published
    • Document Types: referable-content
    • Limit to Dependencies of DITA Map view
  3. In the branched topic, replace the Authoring version of the conref with the Published one found in the Search Results view.