IXIASOFT's Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) component content management system (IXIA CCMS) is a content management solution designed specifically to provide an XML-based, topic-oriented architecture for authoring, producing, and delivering quality technical documentation. MadCap Software was an early advocate of the DITA standard when it was first introduced by IBM in 2004.

The CCMS leverages the DITA standard, enhances team collaboration and productivity, and provides writing teams with an automated process that enables them to produce high-quality, consistent documentation on-time and within budget. The modular architecture of CCMS makes it easy for writers to re-purpose topics across multiple documents, thereby eliminating duplication of effort and improving the consistency of deliverables. The CCMS provides customizable role definitions for all players in the documentation development process, facilitates teamwork while also ensuring that the review process runs seamlessly and efficiently.

The Administration Guide for IXIA CCMS is designed for administrators who configure and manage the CCMS. This guide provides basic procedures to get started using the TEXTML Administration view and detailed instructions for managing documents and plug-ins, user administration, and customizing the CCMS to respond fully to the needs of your organization.