How can I create a backup on a network shared drive?

You can create a backup of your content store and save it to a shared network drive.


I would like to save a backup of my content store to a shared network drive instead of saving it locally on the server.


I get a permission error when trying to save to a network shared drive.


  1. Create a user account in the domain with the password set to never expire.
  2. Click Start > Administrative Tools > Services.
  3. In the Services window, right-click the TEXTML Server entry. Click Properties.
  4. Under the Log on tab, enter this user account for the logon security context. If you receive a warning "This user was granted « logon as service »", click OK.
  5. Create a shared folder that gives this new user modify permissions.
  6. Set the backup script to use the UNC path of the shared drive.
    Note: A mapped drive will not work.