How can I backup my Content Store to a network share?

You can backup your content store to a shared network drive by setting up a symlink.


When trying to backup my content store, I get the Cannot create directory for backup error message when I supply a target directory that is a UNC or a map drive.


TEXTML Server runs as a local service account by default which doesn't have any user permissions. Trying to use a map drive for a service account by logging into the service account and creating a persistent map drive, doesn't work either because Microsoft only restores persistent map drives during an interactive login.


  1. Change the user account under which TEXTML Server is running. We recommend using a regular domain account for this.
  2. Set the permissions of the network share that will be the target of your backup to allow this user to do read, modify, and delete files and folders.
  3. Create a "symlink" on a local drive that will point to the network share. The credentials used are the one of the TEXTML Server service account. In a command prompt window, type mklink /d link target. For example, mklink /d c:\backup-network \\server-name\share-name

  4. To execute the backup, perform one of the following:
    • In VBS, cscript BackupDocbaseAuto.vbs localhost:2500 demobase c:\backup-netowrk\demobase 1
    • In Perl, -sn localhost:2500 -dn demobase -td c:\backup-network\demobase -fg 1