Working with the DITA Open Toolkit

The IXIASOFT CCMS integrates the DITA Open Toolkit with the Output Generator to execute its transformation scenarios.

The Output Generator integrates the following DITA Open Toolkits:
  • 1.8.5 ("full easy install" version)
  • 2.3.1 ("zip package" version)
Each OT also integrates the following plugins:
  • IXIASOFT plugins:
    • com.ixiasoft.dita.dtd: Includes the IXIASOFT DITA DTD specializations
    • com.ixiasoft.images: Ensures that the DITA-OT recognizes the .image file extension (used for the image objects) as a valid image file
    • Adds the map-review-pdf and topic-review-pdf transtypes for the PDF-based review process
  • Other plugins:
    • org.w3c.mathml3: MathML 3 DTDs
    • org.oasis-open.dita.mathml.doctypes: MathML DITA integration
    • org.w3c.svg1.0: SVG 1.0 DTDs
    • org.w3c.svg1.1: SVG 1.1 DTDs

DITA Open Toolkit documentation

Documentation is available with the Open Toolkit, at the following location:
For example: