Transferring an object from a product to a library when the object is in two products

When an object is in two or more products or libraries, you cannot use Refactor to transfer it directly to a different shared library.

To accomplish this, the object must no longer be contained in multiple products or libraries. For example, Topic A is in Product 1 and Product 2. You want to have Topic A in a library instead so it becomes more easily reused. Because it is in two products, you cannot simply use Refactor to transfer it to Library X. As shown in the following figure, first you need to create a new instance of Topic A so each product has its own instance. Next you can select one instance and use Refactor to transfer it to Library X. Finally, you can delete the instance that remains in the product.

Figure: Steps to refactor an object in multiple products
Steps for DRM Refactor tip

Once the steps are completed, Topic A is in Library X, which is shared with Product 1 and Product 2 as shown by the following figure.

Figure: Result of making the changes
Result of DRM Refactor tip

To refactor an object that is in two products:

  1. Create a new instance of the object so that you have an instance of the object in each product.
  2. Change one instance so it is in a library instead of the product using Refactor.
  3. Delete the other instance of the object still contained in the other product.