Available filters in the Data Set Definition dialog

Some of the Data Set Definition dialog's columns let you filter their output.

After you’ve selected the operation you want to perform on a column, you may want to further refine or manipulate the value by applying a filter.

The following columns support filters:
  • The members of the Stamp family let you extract sub-sets of the information they return, such as the user that performed a specific action, or the year and month an action was carried out.
  • Columns that return numerical information (such as File Size) offer you the following calculations:
    • Average
    • Max
    • Min
    • Total
  • The ID column includes a filter called “Greater than 1 count”. This filter appears when you’re calculating the number of parent map references. Most topics will have one parent map; it’s the ones that are referenced by more than one map that are statistically interesting.