BIRT example two: IXIASOFT CCMS data set definition

In this example we'll use the Authored Stamp two different ways in successive columns.

When you are defining a stamp-based column, you are offered a choice of filters that let you extract subsets of the information it returns. In the example below, you can see that in each data column we’ll be extracting a different portion of the Authored Stamp.

The Authored Stamp returns all the dates when a document was promoted into the review cycle, and the name of the user (or users) that performed the promotion.
  • The first column of our data set definition extracts the year-month portion of the date.
  • The second column extracts the user name.

You can also see the TEXTML query that the data set definition is based on. It’s simply a query for all topics in the Authoring cycle.

BIRT example two - the data set definition