Revert to published version

You can replace branched topics or submaps with the original published version

  • The root map must be open in the DITA Map view.
  • All documents which refer to the document must be in a state that allows them to be locked.

When you're working with a branched map, you have the option of returning any of its branched components to its counterpart in the original published version. When you do this, all references (xrefs, related links, etc.) within the map are automatically updated to refer to the original document.

Any images and resources that these documents may reference are also reverted.

If the system contains no other references to the document that you're reverting then you are offered the option of deleting the branched version.

Tip: If you want to review the differences between two documents before you revert them, use the Compare With Published Source utility.
  1. In the DITA Map view, right-click the document(s) and select Branch > Revert to Published.
    You can select several documents by holding down CTRL or SHIFT and clicking the documents.
    The Branch Documents dialog displays a list of the documents that will be affected by this change and asks if you want to continue.
  2. Click OK.
The branched map now refers to the published version of the document (or documents).