Mark as merged

This option lets you manually remove the "needs merging" asterisks from documents that you have merged by hand.

The root map must be open in the DITA Map view.
When you attempt to merge a branched document back into a document that has changed, the system puts a red asterisk next to its title. This lets you know that the merge was unsuccessful, and that if you want to merge the text you'll have to do it yourself.

After you've performed the merge yourself, you can use this procedure to remove the red asterisks.

To mark as merged:

In the DITA Map view, right-click the document(s) and select Branch > Mark As Merged.
You can select several documents by holding down CTRL or SHIFT and clicking the documents.
The Progress Information dialog tells you that the document(s) are being marked.
The red asterisks are removed from the selected documents.