Content view in Map Editor

In the Content view, you have access to a Map Editor that integrates IXIASOFT CCMS Web with Oxygen Web Author, which is a web-based editor.

The Oxygen Web Author toolbar in the Content view has more options for editing maps than in Structure view. The following are some of the actions you can take while in the Content view:

  • Add comments to a map
  • Create new topics and add them
  • Promote and demote topics
  • Search for and add existing topics
  • Track changes on a map
Note: Icons for editing a map are greyed out in the read-only mode. Check out the map to access all the actions on the toolbar.
Figure: Content view with areas numbered
Content view
Number Name Description
1 Navigation bar Use it to return to the My Assignments page, see your favorites, access help, sign out, or go to other functions (depending on your role).
2 Breadcrumb path Displays the map title and any context for the map
3 Oxygen Web Author toolbar Common editing features and functions to help you work with maps.
4 Toggle for switching editors A clickable link that lets you switch between Content view and Structure view.
5 Action buttons A set of buttons with all the allowed actions for the map.
6 Main Editing area Where you add and move topics in the map.
7 Side Panel Side panels with more information according to context.

You can click on any of the panels to expand or collapse them.

  • Details panel: Shows additional information on the map such as status, assignees, and last modified date.
  • Review panel: Displays all the comments in the map.
  • Attributes panel: Shows the attributes and values for elements.
  • Validation panel: Shows if the document is valid or has errors, such as in resolving keywords.

Viewing topic content

In Content view, there are two modes for seeing maps: View Topic Content and View Topic References. In the View Topic Content mode, you can see the content of the topic within the organizational structure of the map. You can use this to read through the content of the map.

Note: If you have a topic checked out for editing, the Content view displays the current content in the checked-out version. You might need to refresh the page to see updates you make in the topic.
Figure: View Topic Content
View Topic Content viewing mode

Viewing topic references

The View Topic References mode shows only the titles of objects in the map. You can use this viewing mode to more easily see and edit the structure of a map.

Figure: View Topic References
View Topic References viewing mode