Deployment scenarios for one or more sites

IXIASOFT CCMS can be deployed at a single geographic location or at multiple sites.

Terminology related to multi-site deployments

The various deployment scenarios assume the following definitions:

Satellite user
A user who works from home or a very small office (with very few IXIASOFT CCMS users).
Single-site deployment
A deployment where all the users are in the same geographical location (office).
Multi-site deployment
A deployment where users work with the CCMS from multiple geographic locations.
Primary site
In a multi-site deployment, this is the site where the primary docbase is located.
Secondary site
In a multi-site deployment, users at a secondary site are connected to the rest of the company through a wide area network (WAN) and they access the CCMS using a remote application solution. If replication is used, a replicated docbase might be located at this site.
Process of creating one or more copies of the docbase. These copies are then synchronized with the primary docbase to provide read caching for geographically distributed teams, allowing them to perform read operations more effectively.
If replication is implemented, all the read operations for users at secondary sites are performed locally on the replicated docbase, while write operations are performed on the primary Content Store, over the network.
Group of users in a company who share the same docbase.
Workgroup configuration
Set of business rules that define the workflow for the DITA and non-DITA documents in the docbase. This configuration specifies the sequence of states that the documents must follow as well as access rights, user group definitions, dictionaries, etc.