Configure global exclusion filter settings

You can configure the global exclusion filter settings to filter out products, libraries, releases, and versions based on a specific set of criteria. You can then turn on these filter settings in dialogs in DRM.

To configure global exclusion filters:

  1. In the IXIASOFT Dynamic Release Management view, click the Filter Settings button (Filter Settings button).
    The Exclusion Filter Setting window is displayed. It lists the filters that can be applied to products/libraries, releases, and versions. The following table lists the filtering criteria that you can configure:
    Note: A filter appears only if at least one product, release, or version has a value for that filter. Some filters require configuration to use.
    Table 1. Filtering criteria
    Criteria Description Applies to
    Type Specifies whether the exclusion filters apply to products and/or libraries
    • Products/Libraries
    Status Excludes all the products, libraries, releases, or versions that have the status specified.

    For example, you can use this criteria to hide all the products and libraries with the status Authoring:done.

    • Products/Libraries
    • Releases
    • Versions
    Label Excludes all the products, releases, or versions that have the label specified.
    • Products/Libraries
    • Releases
    • Versions
    Line name Excludes all the products tagged with a specific line name.

    For example, if the XYZ product line has been discontinued, you can hide all the products/libraries that belong to this product line.

    • Products
    Empty When applied to products/libraries, it excludes the products/libraries that have no releases or that have no versions.

    When applied to Releases, it excludes the releases that have no versions.

    • Products/Libraries
    • Releases
  2. Click the tab for the filters you want to set.
  3. Expand the filter that you want to configure.
    If there is no value available for a filter, the filter is not displayed. For example, in the following image, the Label filter is not displayed because no labels are applied to the products/libraries.
    Exclusion filter settings
  4. Select the value to exclude.
    For example, to exclude all the products and libraries that do not have releases and versions defined for them, select the filters as follows:
    Exclude empty products
  5. Click OK.
    You can now use these exclusion filters by clicking the Apply global exclusion filter settings option in the DRM dialogs.