Re-translate from source

Sometimes it is easier to re-translate an entire topic, rather than working with translated fragments. When you want to have a topic or image completely retranslated from scratch, this function reverts the content of one or more objects to the original source language.

You can revert a topic or image at any point in the Localization cycle. The reverted object's status is set to Localization:tb translated (or its equivalent in your workflow). The statuses of parent documents are adjusted as appropriate.

For example, if you revert a referable-content topic that's reached Localization:done, then all the topics that reference that topic will have their status set to their initial Localization state as well. These topics will be included in the localization kit when it is generated. However, their content will remain unchanged, and they do not need to be sent to the translation team. You can safely set their status to Localization:done (or its equivalent in your workflow) once the referable-content topic is finished and re-imported into the repository.

  1. Right-click the appropriate object(s) and select Localization > Retranslate from Source.
  2. When the localization process is complete, the Retranslate dialog displays a message telling you that the operation was successful.
  3. Click OK.