Securing IXIASOFT TEXTML Server communications

To secure connections to the IXIASOFT TEXTML Server, you can enable:

  • User authentication: Authentication is the process of identifying and verifying TEXTML Server users when they log in before providing access. The IXIASOFT CCMS supports Kerberos authentication and local authentication.
    Note: Kerberos authentication is not supported on the Linux platform.
  • Secure connections: For additional security, you can secure connections between the TEXTML Server and the CCMS components through the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. Configuring the SSL protocol ensures that sensitive information (user names, passwords, data) can be securely exchanged between the TEXTML Server and CCMS.
This section describes how to enable user authentication and secure connections.
Note: If you secure connections using the SSL protocol, you do not need to configure user authentication.