Upload images that you want to use to IXIASOFT CCMS Web.

All uploaded images are saved in an image object with the .image extension. One image object can have up to three different formats or versions of an image saved within it, which lets you have different formats for different outputs. For example, you might need a high-resolution image for print and a low-resolution image for online documentation.

Workflow for images

Images have a workflow like topics or maps, so you can treat them like other objects. For example, you can search for images, assign them to users, change their status, etc.

Images do not have context maps, but they are added to Products and Branches like other objects.

Supported image types

The following are common file types for images that CCMS Web supports:

  • BMP
  • EPS
  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • TIF
  • SVG
  • PNG