Resources are non-DITA files (such as PDF files and Word files) that support documentation. You can use resources to upload and store these files in IXIASOFT CCMS.

You can upload any type of file. All uploaded files are saved in a resource object with the .res extension. One resource can have any number of files saved within it. You can use this to have different files for different outputs, or organize related information in a single resource.

Working with resources

The files that you upload are read-only. When you upload a file as a resource, you can add keywords and other descriptive text that will help you find the resource when you need to search for it. You can also edit this data later.

You can then add the resources to a map or reference them in topics.

For example, an Excel template could be added as a resource. This resource can then be referenced in a topic if your documentation needs to provide an example template.

Note: Resources do not have context maps, but they are added to Products and Branches like other objects.

Workflows and assignments

Resources have a workflow and different statuses like other objects. You can manage resources in the same ways that you manage your topics and maps.