This document is designed for documentation team leaders, librarians, and docbase administrators who create and manage docbases through the TEXTML Server Administration Console.
The following topics describe operations available from a server node in the Administration Console.
The procedure for installing a docbase from a backup depends on how you want it installed and the number hosted on TEXTML Server.
The following topics describe how to open the Index Definition document for a docbase and how to create index definitions.
This section describes the TEXTML Server configuration file.
This chapter provides procedures that allow docbase administrators and other users to troubleshoot error messages that occur when they attempt to run a query. It also describes logs and log calls available for troubleshooting.
You can reinstall TEXTML Server by downloading the installation files from the IXIASOFT website and performing the installation using the license and configuration files from your backup.
The following topics provide information on the Administration Console Help menu and describe how to administer TEXTML Server.