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Need a hand? Our top-grade content management training guides cover all the bases.


  • Version 6.2


    16 juillet 2020
    With a focus on the technical writer, this new version...
  • Version 6.1


    26 mars 2020
    IXIASOFT CCMS 6.1 allows technical writers to do more in...
  • Version 6.0


    5 septembre 2019
    IXIASOFT CCMS 6.0 marks the first version that focuses primarily...
  • Version 5.2


    28 février 2019
    IXIASOFT CCMS 5.2 offers a new and improved collaborative review...
  • Version 5.1


    22 novembre 2018
    IXIASOFT CCMS 5.1 offers the “finishing touches,” to version 5.0....
  • Version 5.0


    10 juillet 2018
    Designed for the DITA expert and the lite user, IXIASOFT CCMS 5.0...
  • Version 4.6 - 4.5

    4.6 – 4.5

    21 décembre 2017
    This release’s key feature is the integration of the oXygen XML...

IXIAdocs Video Series

IXIAdocs is a series of short, informative videos crafted by our very own experts to help you get familiarized with the CCMS. Videos fit in to one of two categories:


1- Training

Need a refresher on how to navigate your latest version of IXIASOFT CCMS? Onboarding new users to the system? These training videos follow a “train the trainer” approach, giving contributors, reviewers, and writers detailed information on essential components of the CCMS.


2- Features

Presented by the IXIASOFT team in-house, each video represents a feature recently released within IXIASOFT CCMS. Join us to explore, in detail, the UI of IXIASOFT CCMS Web.