MadCap Ixia CCMS


July 10, 2018

CCMS Web 5.0

  • Lite users can act as authors and create and edit a map or a topic
  • Lite users can assign maps or topics
  • New IXIA CCMS oXygen side panel provides topics’ CCMS properties
  • Information architects can create templates and associate them with a role
  • Content level security: information architects can set read and write access to user groups on DRM products or libraries
  • Responsive UI allows the usage of any device

CCMS Desktop 5.0

  • Build Manifest are now DRM objects, new instances are created with the new instances of their map
  • Ditaval are now CCMS objects, they have statuses and a revision history
  • Option to limit search to current DRM version
  • Support of External ID on import
  • CCMS Desktop built on Eclipse 4.7.3 framework