MadCap Ixia CCMS


April 13, 2023

Main features


  • Clone maps, topics, ditavals, and resources.
  • Created in the same branch as the original, the clone is assigned to the user that created it.


  • When you create a snapshot, the web client notifies the user of any out-of-scope links.
  • Users can view dependencies and revision history for a snapshot.

Bulk Actions (Bulk Assign and Bulk Add to Worklists)

  • Bulk assignments are now available so multiple objects can be assigned to users at once.
  • You can now add multiple selected objects to a worklist.

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Create Standalone Topics

  • A New Topic option is now offered in the New Object menu.
  • Users can add a topic to a map to ensure all editing features are available and provide context for other assigned users.

Redline PDF

  • You can now specify a PDF output type for reviews.
  • This enables you to produce a PDF that includes the same highlighting as the redlined Collaborative Review (introduced in 6.7).

Map Edit – Cut and Paste

  • Cut and paste topicrefs or other map elements from one location to another.
  • You can cut an individual element or an entire expanded node, such as a nested map.

Tag Name

  • The Oxygen tag display from the expanded tag names (such as “Paragraph”) has been changed to the actual tag name (such as “p”). This is a framework change and if you prefer the expanded tag names, you can easily change back.

Object Types Order

  • The order of specific object types under each category (e.g. “Map,” “Bookmap,” “subjectScheme” under the Map category) now reflects the order of object types in the equivalence.xml configuration file.