Our Partners

As an enterprise-class solution, we partner with the best to provide a fully customized version of IXIASOFT CCMS.

Technology Partners

These leading technology companies, like Acrolinx, Fluid Topics, Zoomin, and oXygen, integrate seamlessly with IXIASOFT CCMS.


Acrolinx helps customers achieve their content goals by monitoring content, keeping writers in sync, and analyzing content for continuous development.

Antenna House

Antenna House is a leader in XML to PDF document formatting and partners with IXIASOFT to provide clients with standards-based tools for static content delivery.


Congree offers easy-to-use, flexible authoring assistance that helps increase content quality.


IXIASOFT’s partner DeltaXML is a top-notch XML differencing and comparison tool.


DITAWeb, an IXIASOFT partner, provides clients with personalized and dynamic content delivery.


Partnered with IXIASOFT, FluidTopics allows for dynamic delivery and publishing product and technical documentation into a self-service portal.


Miramo is a partner of IXIASOFT providing an intuitive, GUI based, DITA/CCMS to PDF publishing solution with no XSLT programming.

oXygen XML Editor

Partnered with IXIASOFT as an OEM agreement, oXygen XML Editor is a multi-platform leading DITA XML editor bundled within IXIASOFT CCMS Web.

oXygen WebHelp for IXIASOFT CCMS


RenderX is an open-standard software tool and IXIASOFT partner. The company provides software tools for converting XML to PDF, HTML, print, and more.


Stilo provides tools to help organizations implement structured content solutions using XML.

XTM International

XTM International is an IXIASOFT partner and the world’s leading cloud-based enterprise Translation Management System with an integrated Computer Aided Translation tool.


Zoomin, a top-tier software company, is partnered with IXIASOFT and acts as a dynamic delivery tool for clients.

CCMS Business Partners

Your success is paramount. That’s why we have partnered with other active, key experts in the field to assist with the implementation and deployment of IXIASOFT CCMS. We are proud to partner with leading businesses in Asia, Europe, and North America.



Cybertech is an IXIASOFT partner and Asian company interested in advancing technology and exploring investment opportunities


IXIASOFT partner Hulinks develops computer-aided design software applications in Asia.

Knowledge on Demand Inc.

Knowledge on Demand Inc. provides a smart DITA concept tool to facilitate content management and distribution.


Partnered with IXIASOFT, YAMAGATA INTECH is an expert in information design, particularly in translation.


Adelanto Training & Consulting AB

Adelanto Training & Consulting AB is an IXIASOFT partner. The expert supplier of comprehensive XML/CCMS services, which creates added value for users and strengthens competitiveness.


Etteplan, one of IXIASOFT’s European partners, is a specialist in technical documentation and engineering services.


IXIASOFT’s partner Mekon is an industry-leading system integrator and consultant. Mekon focuses on improving content creation, management, and delivery.


Parson is an IXIASOFT partner that provides technical documentation services for end users and developers.
North America


IXIASOFT’s North American partner Comtech provides industry-leading telecommunications solutions.

Content Rules

Content Rules combines strategy, optimization, and development to maximize the effectiveness of content.


DCL, a North American partner of IXIASOFT, prepares digital content for digital distribution.

DITA Strategies

IXIASOFT’s partner DITA Strategies creates opportunity through information architecture by enabling clients to deliver exceptional content experiences.


An IXIASOFT North American partner, Gnostyx is a flexible content engineering solution designed to effectively manage and publish content.


IXIASOFT’s North American partner JANA specializes in customizing and writing software applications so large companies can reach their goals as efficiently as possible.

Precision Content

Precision Content offers a complete suite of content services, training, strategy, and tools.

Publishing Smarter

Publishing Smarter is one of IXIASOFT’s North American partners, and specializes in improving content creation, management, and distribution processes in DITA, XML, and more.

Rockley Group

The Rockley Group is a North American partner of IXIASOFT and is a world leader in intelligent content strategy development and implementation.


Ryffine, one of IXIASOFT’s North American partners, assists in the development, management, and presentation of content.


Scriptorium provides content strategy solutions to maximize the value of content. They are a North American partner of IXIASOFT.

Suite Solutions

IXIASOFT’s partner Suite Solutions provides services and solutions for intelligent and optimized structured content delivery.


WhP is an IXIASOFT partner and localization services provider based in Canada.
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