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April 25, 2024

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Main features

CCMS-Central Connector

Main Benefits

  • Publish content from the CCMS directly to MadCap Central
  • Leverage the simplicity of output configuration of MadCap projects to rapidly and easily create HTML or PDF outputs
  • Benefits from the hosting functionalities of Central, including advanced analytics

Feature Highlights

  • Configure multiple output types to support different output types
  • Retrieve or publish the output from Central

Push Map Children

Main Benefits

  • When pushing a Map, all eligible children of the map are pushed as well
  • No longer have to push each child separately
  • Saves time and makes DRM Push a much more efficient process

Feature Highlights

  • Sections for each behavior
  • Shows what is going to happen at first sight
  • Grid view with configurable columns and sorting/filtering
  • Export the list to retain a record of the Push action

Collaborative Review Improvement

Main Benefits

  • Redline with previous Approval or Snapshot, in addition to previous Collaborative Review.

Feature Highlights

  • Options to filter on object types or statuses
  • Grid view with sorting and filtering


Multi-language Build Manifest output

  • Build Manifests now work for translated content in Translation

New My Kits/Imports page

  • Separates localization packages from outputs

Bulk Localization

  • Select multiple Maps and create Translation Manifests for them all at once

Create Collaborative Reviews and Approvals from Language Manifests

  • Options now available in your Language Manifests

New Managed by” column

  • Complete picture of the translation project
  • Possibility to include ”Already Managed” object to your Kit

UI Improvements

Auto-complete when inserting a key definition

  • Begin typing the Key name – help with sorting

Products and Libraries better distinguished in Search

  • Products & Libraries distinction with their own icons

Grid view in My Outputs page

  • Improving My Outputs page experience
  • Better view of the report with state chips