How do I stop unnecessary ISO Schematron warnings from appearing?

Schematron schemas are a set of business rules used to validate content. If validation using Schematron schemas is not required, they can be disabled in Window > Preferences for the Oxygen editor.


Many ISO Schematron warnings are displayed in the IXIASOFT CCMS.


The Oxygen editor supports validation against ISO Schematron schemas, which validate XML documents using Schematron schemas, XML Schemas, or Relax NG schemas that contain embedded Schematron rules. These validation scenarios are run against the topics open in the XML editor and may result in a list of warnings being displayed.

The validation scenario called ${framework}/resources/dita-1.2-for-xslt2-other.sch adds Schematron checks that are performed for manual validation and are triggered every time a document is saved. This validation scenario contains checks that are related to specification and are not mandatory so it can be disabled.


If validation using Schematron schemas is not required, you can disable Schematron validation in the Oxygen editor.

To disable Schematron validation:

  1. Open the IXIASOFT CCMS EclipseEclipse Client.
  2. In the main menu, click Window > Preferences.
  3. The next step depends on the editor you are using:
    • In Oxygen Author, expand Author and select Document Type Association.
    • In Oxygen Editor, expand Oxygen XML Editor and select Document Type Association. The following dialog opens:
  4. Click DITA and click Edit.
  5. Click the Validation tab.
    Note: The Validation tab contains a DITA validation scenario that can be edited.
  6. Click DITA in the Scenario pane and click the Edit icon (the small wrench icon just above the OK button). For example:
  7. Select the ${framework}/resources/dita-1.2-for-xslt2-other.sch scenario and click Remove button.
  8. Click OK.