Create a TEXTML Server query

To create a report you need a TEXTML Server query.

A TEXTML Server query retrieves documents from the Content Store that correspond to a specified set of search criteria. You save a TEXTML Server query to store search parameters that you use frequently so you can re-use them.

To create a TEXTML Server query:

  1. Set up a search in the Search view.
    For example, the following diagram shows the search criteria for Topics in Authoring:work.
  2. To save the criteria as a TEXTML query, click the Save TEXTML Query button (Search xml query icon) and enter a descriptive name.
    Note: (Optional) If a viewpoint is already selected in the viewpoint drop-down list, the Save viewpoint with query option is available. Click this option to save the TEXTML query with the currently selected viewpoint.
    For example:
  3. Click OK.
    The query is saved under Personal Textml in the Queries panel.