Delivery Branch

A Delivery Branch (called a Version in IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop) is used for publishing content and retaining the content after it is published.

Behavior in IXIASOFT CCMS Web and IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop

  • A Delivery Branch/Version is marked with a Read-Only icon in CCMS Web
  • Objects in a Delivery Branch/Version must always be at their end status (for example, Authoring:done) and cannot be moved to a lower status
  • Users can push content to a Delivery Branch/Version only if the objects are at the same end status as objects in the Delivery Branch or higher
  • Users can never choose a Delivery Branch/Version when creating new content (for example, a topic or ditaval) or a new map instance
  • Users can be assigned to objects in a Delivery Branch/Version
  • Editing an object shared with a Delivery Branch/Version in CCMS Web causes the object to automatically fork in the Delivery Branch/Version

Related information model

If your documentation uses a continuous delivery information model, then you could use Development and Delivery Branches together to establish the rules of that model.

For example, users could use a Development Branch to create and finalize the content. Once the content is complete, users can move the objects to Authoring:done and push the content to a Delivery Branch. And then they can publish the content from the Delivery Branch.