Maintenance branch

A Maintenance Branch (called a Version in IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop) is used for maintaining content after it has been developed and published.

Behavior in IXIASOFT CCMS Web and IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop

  • Objects in a Maintenance Branch/Version can be at any status
  • Objects in Maintenance Branches/Versions can be moved to any status
  • Users can choose a Maintenance Branch/Version when creating new content (for example, a topic or ditaval) or a new map instance
  • Editing an object shared with a Maintenance Branch/Version in CCMS Web might automatically fork in the Branch where it is edited

Related information model

If your documentation uses a software versioning information model, then you could use Development and Maintenance Branches together to establish the rules of that model.

For example, users could use a Development Branch to create and finalize the content. Once the content is complete, users can change the status of the Branch to Maintenance. From then on, they can update and maintain the documentation for in the Maintenance Branch..