What are best practices for importing?

The following are some best practices for using the import feature.

Preparing to import

  • Make sure the content is valid before importing. If you have access to a stand alone version of Oxygen XML Editor, open the content in Oxygen and run a completeness check.
  • If using the relative path option, have all the files in the same folder. If you have a nested folder structure, the relative paths for the same files can change leading to file duplication.
  • For IXIASOFT Dynamic Release Management (DRM) back up the DRM structure by exporting it to a .TSV file. This makes it easier to recreate the docbase if needed.

Importing content

  • Try importing the content into the test environment first. It is easier to wipe the test environment after troubleshooting issues than it is to clean up a production environment.
  • If the network connection might be an issue, import content from whichever system is closest to the server that has IXIASOFT TEXTML Server installed. For example, importing from disk on the same computer is faster and more stable than importing over a network, and importing from a local network is better than over a VPN.
  • If importing a lot of content (for example, 500,000 topics), contact IXIASOFT Customer Support to ask if there is a way to automate the process.
  • If there are errors, resolve them before uploading more content or the same content again. Importing content repeatedly can result in additional errors.