How do I read import error log files?

When you import an object into the Content Store, errors that occur during the import appear in the Import Errors dialog.

The Import Errors dialog has the following information for each error:

Field Description
Level The severity of the error. Since the Import Errors dialog appears only if there are errors, usually the Level is Error.
Filename The name of the file that had the error.

If the complete file path of the file appears in Filename, then it is one of the files you selected for import.

If only the filename appears in Filename, then the file is a dependency of a file that you selected for import.

Note: You can open the folder that has the files with the errors from the Import Errors dialog. Double-click one of the objects with a complete file path in the Filename field.
Error Description The Error Description field provides information about the error that was detected.

For example, if the issue is related to a broken link, the Error Description says which file is missing. If the imported file did not match the DTD for the file type, the Error Description says which element does not match the DTD.

Example errors

For example, the following screenshot shows errors that occurred when importing a map:

Figure: Import Errors
Import Errors dialog

For example, in the screenshot above IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop could not find an image (mte1420485080295.image) that is referenced in the file mte1417101584341.xml. To fix the issue, check the folder with the content that you are importing to see if the mte1417101584341.image is missing. And check mte1417101584341.xml to see if there are errors in how it is referencing mte1417101584341.image.