Search for reusable components (conrefs)

The Referable-Content view displays the components that you can reuse in your documents.

To search for reusable components

  1. To display the Referable-Content view, from the menu bar select Window > Show View > Other.
    The Show View window is displayed.
  2. Expand IXIASOFT CCMS - General, select Referable-Content, and click OK.
    The Referable-Content view is displayed.
  3. In the Search area, enter a search string.
    You can use the standard Search wildcards to refine your search. If you don't enter a search string, all available reusable components are returned.
  4. To search within a specific element type, click the element types drop-down list and select an element type.
    This list displays the element types for which referable content is currently defined. To search all element types, select All element types.
  5. To search within a specific referable content map, click the libraries drop-down list and select a map.
    This list displays all the referable_component_library maps. These are the maps that contain the <data name="referable_component_library"/> element. To search within all referable_component_library maps, select All libraries.
  6. Click Search.
    The referable components that match the search criteria are listed in the search results area. The search results area displays 20 results at a time. Use the page buttons to navigate through your results if there are more than 20 results.
Tip: If you assigned labels to your reusable components, you can also use the Advanced Search panel to search for reusable components with a specific label.