Importing and exporting documents

IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop provides wizards that let you import valid DITA documents into the TEXTML repository.

You can import documents one at a time, or you can import them in bulk.

You can import the following DITA documents:
  • Ditaval files
  • Image files
  • Topic files
  • Map files
Note: To import documents, you must have the necessary access rights. Talk to your system administrator if you need them.

When you import a map or topic, the map or topic and its dependencies are imported as well (for example, submaps, topics, and images these refer to). If one of the document dependencies cannot be found (for example, a topic is missing), the import is canceled and an error message is displayed.

Any document you import is automatically assigned to you and assigned an initial status (for example, Authoring:work).

Advanced options also let you control how to handle languages and other attributes as well as duplicate documents.

Before importing documents

Before importing content into the CCMS Desktop, make sure that the content is valid DITA. In particular, make sure that:

  • All maps and topics use valid DITA
  • All links and images are valid

If any of the documents are not valid, the import is canceled and an error message is displayed.

Importing content into DRM

When importing content into DRM, you can import files into only one Product or Library at a time. However, you can import content into some or all the Versions and Releases in a Product or Library as needed.

The quickest methods for importing content in DRM are the following:

  • Multi-phase import: You break up the content and import it in several chunks. Each phase of importing is for a different version or set of versions, and you continue until all objects are imported into the correct DRM version(s).
  • Refactor after import: You import all the content into a product or library and then refactor the content to put the objects into the right releases and versions.