Troubleshooting import errors

When you import an object into the Content Store, errors that occur during the import appear in the Import Errors dialog.

For example, the following diagram shows errors that occurred when importing a map:
Import Errors dialog

The Error Description field provides information that might help you determine why the file could not be imported. For example, in the diagram above IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop could not find an image (mte1420485080295.image) that is referenced in file mte1417101584341.xml. To fix the issue, you can look at the content of the mte1417101584341.xml file and find the missing reference.

To open a document, double-click the initial imported object from the Import Errors dialog (for example, the imported map in the dialog above). This is the object with a complete path and filename in the Filename field. The CCMS Desktop opens the folder that contains the object.

Once you have solved all the issue:
  1. Click OK to close the Import Errors dialog.
  2. Click Finish to try the import again.