Insert related links to files or websites in the Oxygen editor

You can edit the related link element to make links to websites and FTP locations, as well as to files outside the repository.

When you are linking to files you may use either absolute or relative pathnames. However, you should keep in mind that setups vary in different machines. You can safely use relative pathnames if you are sure that multiple documents will always be sent as a single package. However, if there’s a chance that only a portion of the files will be sent, and that the target file is not among them, then the link may become invalid.

To insert a related link to a file or website:

  1. Open the topic.
  2. Place the cursor anywhere in the topic.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Right-click and select either Link > Related Link to File or Link > Related Link to Web Page.
    • Click DITA > Link and select either Related Link to File or Related Link to Web Page.

    If you selected Related Link to File, the File Reference dialog appears, where you can enter the file's location.

    If you selected Related Link to Web Page, the Web Link dialog appears, where you can enter the website's URL.

  4. Enter the location of what you want to reference:
    • For files, enter the file location in the Location field.
    • For websites, enter the URL in the URL field.

    Use the following syntax depending on the location:

    Location type Syntax
    Website http://sitename
    Secure website https://sitename
    FTP site ftp://sitename
    Secure FTP site ftps://sitename
    Local file file://driveletter/filename
  5. Click OK.

A new link appears in the Related Links section. If there was no Related Links section previously, one is created.

Insert additional related links as needed.