Create related links from one topic to another

This procedure uses a text editor to put a group of links to related topics into the current topic.

Referenced topics must be in the Authoring cycle (or its equivalent in your workflow).
  1. Open the topic in your text editor.
  2. Place the cursor where you want to insert the related links.
  3. Insert a <related-links> tag with a <link> tag inside it.
  4. Add an href attribute to the <link> tag.
    Your <link> tag should look like this: <link href="">
  5. Use Search to find the topic you want to reference in the Search Results view.
  6. Right-click the topic, then select Copy > Reference from the menu.
  7. Paste the reference between the quotation marks of the href attribute.
    Your completed code should now look something like this:
        <link href="dit1142280181031.xml"/>
    Tip: Add a comment showing the topic title just above the <link> tag so that you remember what the topic is actually about.
  8. (Optional): Insert additional link tags as needed.