View a document's dependencies

This procedure lets you quickly visualize the relationships between documents.

You can view the dependencies of any type of document. You can also double-click any of the other documents displayed in the view to see its dependencies in turn.

By default, the Dependencies view will be updated whenever you open a document. You can disable this behavior by pinning a specific document in the view.

To view a document's dependencies:

  • Right-click from a list.
    1. Select one or more documents from any view.
    2. Right-click the selection and select View Dependencies.
      Hold down CTRL or SHIFT and click the documents to select more than one document.
  • Drag documents into the Dependencies view.
    1. Open the Dependencies view.
    2. Select one or more documents from any other view.
    3. Drag the selected documents into the Dependencies view, making sure to drop it under the Dependencies tree currently displayed.
  • Double-click any document in the Dependencies view.
The selected documents' dependencies are displayed in the Dependencies view.
Tip: If you're using the Oxygen XML Editor and you want to view the dependencies of a topic that's currently open in your editor, you can do one of the following:
  • In Text mode or Author mode, right-click anywhere in the topic, then select IXIASOFT CCMS > View Dependencies.
  • Click the View Dependencies button in the toolbar Oxygen view dependencies button.