Set conditions on objects in a map

You can apply conditions to topics and relationship tables in a map.

The set conditions functionality lets you select one or more documents—topics and/or submaps—and then apply the conditions that you require. You can also apply conditions to the relationship tables in your maps.

This functionality is available in DITA Map view and DITA Map Editor.

  1. Lock the map.
  2. Select the objects to which you want to apply a condition and click the Set conditions button (Set conditions button).
    The Set Conditions dialog appears. You’ll see all the conditions that are currently configured in the CMS, grouped by attribute.
    Set conditions dialog
    Note: If you need a condition that is not listed in the Set conditions dialog, contact your CMS administrator. The procedure to configure conditions is described in the Administration Guide for IXIASOFT CCMS.
  3. Set the conditions that you want to apply and click OK.