Display recent documents and recent operations

The Recent Documents list provides a means of locating documents that you have recently opened, while the Recent Operations list organizes documents based on the activities performed on them.

This can be useful, for example, to locate docs you want to add to your favorites list.

To consult the Recent Documents and Recent Operations lists:

  1. Open the DITA perspective.
  2. From the menu bar, select Window > Show View > Documents.
    The Documents view appears.
  3. Expand the Recent Documents and Recent Operations panels.
    Documents you have recently opened are listed under Recent Documents; your recent activities (and their associated documents) are listed under Recent Operations.
    Figure: Recent Documents and Recent Operations panels

    Note: To display the document objects in the Recent Operations list, click the various folder icons.
  4. To add a listed document to your Favorites list, drag it up to the Favorites panel.
  5. To filter for a particular document, click in the field at the bottom of the Documents view and enter a key word from the document's title.
    The Favorites, Recent Documents, and Recent Operations lists are filtered to display documents that contain the specified string.
    Note: To clear either list, right-click in the list and select Clear all Recent Documents or Clear Selected Recent Operations, as appropriate.