Overview of other perspectives

In addition to the DITA perspective, IXIASOFT CCMS includes several other perspectives designed for users with specific tasks.

They are described in the following table:
Table 1. IXIASOFT CCMS perspectives
Perspective Description
Information Architect A set of views for the person responsible for the overall structure of the document deliverable. This perspective includes the Todo List, Search Results, and DITA Map view.
Offline A set of views for anybody who has a copy of the CCMS on their local computer and who wants to continue working when they disconnect from the Content Store.
Project Management This set of views for project managers includes the Search, Search Results, Recent Operations, and Project Management views.
RelTable Editing This set of views for creating and working with relationship tables includes the DITA Map, Properties, as well as the Relationship Table Editor and Relationship Outline views.
SME This set of views, designed for the people who review topic content, comprises the editor workspace and the Todo List.
TEXTML Administration A set of views for CMS administrators. For details on this perspective, see the Administration Guide for IXIASOFT CCMS.

The editor area is common to all these perspectives. If you have a document open in one perspective, it will stay open when you switch to another perspective.

All perspectives can be customized as needed, and you can designate any of them as the default for Eclipse.

For in-depth information on perspectives, see the topic "Working with perspectives" in the Eclipse help.