Comparing objects

You can compare objects in IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop using the Compare Editor.

By default, IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop uses the Compare Editor for comparing objects. The Compare Editor is a text compare tool provided with the Eclipse SDK. It displays the source object and the target object.

Figure: The Compare Editor
Topic 1 conflict compare

For the Eclipse documentation on this tool, see Comparing resources in the Workbench User Guide (

Comparing topics

If you are comparing topics, the two selected topics open in the Compare Editor with the differences between the two files indicated. The topics will open as read-only. If you want to make edits to the topics while comparing them, lock the topics before comparing them.

Comparing maps

If you are comparing maps, the DITA Map Compare Editor shows the two maps with their differences highlighted.

  • No highlight means that the topics are present in both maps, and in the same position in the hierarchy.
  • A red highlight indicates that a topic is present in one map, but not in the other.
  • An orange highlight means that the topic is present in both maps, but not in the same position.
  • A blue highlight means there is a conref
Note: The DITA Map Compare Editor uses the topic ID and revision number to determine if two topics are identical. It does not look at the contents of the topics. Therefore, two topics with the same ID and identical contents, but with different revision numbers, will be highlighted as different.

Using another comparison tool

You also have the option of configuring the CCMS to use a compare tool that's installed on your system.

Open the Window > Preferences > IXIASOFT CCMS > General Behavior panel and specifying a compare tool.