Add a label to a category

Labels are organized into categories. If you want to add a category or change the name of an existing category, you must have the appropriate user access rights.

To add a label to a category:
  1. On the IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop toolbar, click the Configure Labels button (Manage labels button).
    Tip: You can also configure labels and categories on the fly, when you're assigning labels to documents using the Assign Labels right-click menu option.
    The Configure Labels dialog appears.
  2. Right-click a category and select Add Label.
    Your new untitled label appears below the selected category.
  3. Double-click the label name (untitled) to select it.

    Add Label Config
  4. Type in the name and press Enter.
    Label names must be unique.
  5. Click OK.
Your changes are saved and will be available the next time you assign labels.