Automatically resolve keyrefs

This feature finds all unresolved keyrefs and creates corresponding keydef elements.

The map must be locked.

If you have made extensive use of keyref linking in your documentation project, it may become difficult to keep track of the references.

IXIASOFT CCMS offers a Resolve Keyrefs feature that detects all unresolved keyrefs in your document deliverable (the map and its topics) and generates syntactically correct keydef statements to define the corresponding keys.

The system also compares these keys to the file names of existing topics in the repository. For those where there is a match, the CMS will automatically insert href attributes that link the keys to the appropriate topics.

  1. In DITA Map view or DITA Map Editor, click the Resolve Keyrefs button (Resolve Keyrefs button).
    If there are any unresolved keyrefs, the Add all undefined keys dialog appears.
    • The Keyref Target Found panel - shows keyrefs that could be resolved by topics in the Content Store.
    • The Undefined Keyref panel - shows keyrefs that will need to be resolved manually.
  2. Use the MoveLeftButton and MoveRightButton buttons to move topics between the two panels.
    • Use the MoveRightButton button to move any of the entries in the Keyref target found panel into the right-hand panel for manual resolution, if you'd rather use targets other than those that the CMS automatically generates.
    • Use the MoveLeftButton button if you change your mind and want to move these topics back into the left-hand panel.
      Note: You cannot move an entry from the Undefined Keyref panel unless its keyref corresponds to the file name of a topic in the repository.
  3. Click OK.
    The system will write the appropriate <keydef> statements into the map file.
You will need to edit the keydef statements that were generated for the undefined keyrefs, in order to resolve them.