About Assignments

The number of people that you can assign to a given object varies according to the role.

For example, there may be several "Reviewers" assigned to a topic, but there will typically be only one "Author". The Assignments dialog displays the maximum number of people that can be assigned to the selected objects per role.

Figure: Example of the Assignments dialog box
Example of the Assignments dialog box

This function is available from all views.

Note: Deactivated users who are still assigned to objects are identified in grey. Once the object is reassigned to an active user, the deactivated user name will no longer appear.
The Assignments dialog also contains filters that you can use to restrict the number of people who appear. This feature is useful if you are working in a company with dozens of employees, and you need to limit the choices that are presented. You can filter:
  • By project - restricts the display to people that are on the team of a specific project. The object being assigned does not need to be one of the project's deliverables; however, the project must have members listed as part of the team.
  • My projects only - further restricts the display to projects where you are on the team.
    Note: Project coordinators are considered to be team members of any project they are currently managing, whether or not they are actually listed in the project.
  • By group - restricts the display to the selected group. Group names are configurable, and the exact list will vary.