Obtain and activate your IXIASOFT TEXTML Server license

Your IXIASOFT TEXTML Server license must be activated before you can start TEXTML Server.

Note: This procedure is only necessary the first time you install TEXTML Server. Additional TEXTML Server instances you create for clusters or TEXTML Server upgrades will not require you to re-activate your license.
To obtain and activate your license:
  1. On the computer where you installed the TEXTML Server component, click the Start button and select DisplayServerId.
    Note: If the DisplayServerId option is not listed, click the Start button and select All Programs > TextmlServer44 > DisplayServerId.

    The IXIASOFT License Administrator window opens.

  2. Click Copy to copy your server ID to the clipboard.
  3. Click Close to close the window.
  4. Open an email and in the To space, enter: Support-DITA@ixiasoft.com.
  5. Enter a Subject and body text.
    For example:
    • Subject: license
    • Text: Please send me my TEXTML Server license.
  6. Add additional information that will help IXIASOFT identify this server, such as the server name, whether the server is used for test, deployment, or production, etc.
  7. Paste the server ID into the body of the email.
    Important note: If you are requesting licenses for multiple servers, make sure to indicate the server name to which the server ID applies. For example:

    AcmeServerA: 8D308C53926C3C59807277CFE31CCF4D

    AcmeServerB: 12EF83F1E12E8FB12364078B31FE3BE5

  8. Send the email.
  9. When you receive an email reply with your license ID, save the attached license file (IxiaLicense.ilf) to the license folder:
    Note: The license file *must* have the .ilf extension. Some email programs may add the .txt extension to the file, which will prevent TEXTML Server from starting.
Your TEXTML Server is now licensed and ready to be started.