Server parameters for configuration file

The following table describes how to set the server parameters for the IXIASOFT CCMS.

Field Description Recommended value
Defines the port where the server listens for requests. It uses the CORBA IIOP element syntax:
If the server has multiple IP addresses, you need to specify one address reachable by the IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop as well as the local host. For example:
Important: The port number must not be used by any other service on the server, otherwise the IXIASOFT TEXTML Server will not start. The port number has to be the same for all interfaces you specify in the endpoint, e.g. for address and for
Maximum number of threads in the TEXTML Server pool to service its API calls.

For a deployment with less than 50 users, keep the default value (10).

For a deployment with 50 or more users, set this value to 20. Note: you need at least 16 CPUs in this case.

The time, in seconds, that a TEXTML Server client session can remain idle before it is terminated. Keep the default value: 86400 (24 hours).
The time interval, in seconds, at which TEXTML Server checks inactive sessions and terminates them. Keep the default value: 3600 (1 hour).
The time interval, in seconds, at which TEXTML Server checks the performance statistics and records them to the log file specified by the File logging parameter. Keep the default value: 300 (5 minutes).



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